IU Dining is on Grubhub

Indiana University is partnered with Gruhub to offer pre-order pickup from dining locations on campus.

To get started:

  • Download the Grubhub app
  • Select Indiana University under Campus Dining
  • Add your student info

Download from the Apple App Store  Download from Google Play

Now you’re all set to use your Meal Plan to buy your next meal! Next time, save time with Grubhub.

You can order from the following locations using your Grubhub account:

Setup your Grubhub account

Your safety is our priority.

About Your Pick-up Grubhub Order from IU Dining

Before you submit an order, check wait times at the location to be sure you can be there when your order is completed. Unclaimed orders with a receipt time that is 2 hours old are not safe to consume and will be thrown out. We will not reheat, remake, or refund the cost of that order.

Please check the name and order number on the bag to verify you are actually taking your order and not one that belongs to someone else.