Fall 2020

We have made additional changes to our operations to further protect our guests and employees by limiting contact and allowing more space for physical distancing. These changes include:

  • Offering our full menu for online ordering for pick-up and on-campus delivery through Grubhub. Fees will only be applied to delivery orders.
  • Reducing wait times by offering a limited menu with no customization for in-person orders.
  • Providing a cashless and contactless in-person payment experience.
  • Reorganizing our dining halls into distinct areas for in-person orders and payment; waiting; and pick-up.

We will have hand sanitizers available at the entrances and provide disposable masks to our guests who do not have one readily available. We are also following university guidelines to monitor the health of our employees, and providing them appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, masks, etc.

We know the success of these measures depends on each of us accepting personal responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by practicing the safety measures outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent (CDC).

All guests are required to:

  • wear a face mask
  • maintain a 6 ft. distance from others
  • using hand sanitizers upon entering our locations

To help meet these requirements, each location will have a safety ambassador who will address issues of crowding and guests without a face mask. They will also monitor the frequent cleaning of the order/payment and pick-up areas, restock disposable face masks, and refill hand sanitizers

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated July 14

Will you offer online ordering?

Yes, we have partnered with Grubhub for online ordering. You will need a Grubhub account to use this service. Follow these instructions to download the app and setup your GrubHub account.

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What is Grubhub? Is there a fee for students to use it?

Grubhub is a private company that provides online ordering and delivery services to restaurants and colleges and universities. Follow these instructions to download the app and set up your account.

Fees will be only be applied for delivery orders.

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Can students actually eat in the dining halls?

We cannot offer eat-in dining in our dining halls for the foreseeable future. Please refer to the State of Indiana, Executive Order 20-32, paragraph 10, item d. for more information.

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Will you offer salad bars and buffets?

We will be following guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to maintain public safety. At this time we will no longer offer salad bars, buffets, and other shared equipment.

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Will you make food to order or will everything be prepackaged?

We will not offer made to order foods this academic year. Everything will be prepared and packaged.

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Do we have to stay six feet apart in the dining room?

Our dining rooms will be closed. We do expect all guests to practice social distancing when placing a order and picking-up a online order.

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Will we have to stand in line to check out?

There may be times when you will have to wait in line and maintain a six foot separation from others. To avoid all check out lines, we recommend that you preorder and prepay for you food by using GrubHub.

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How do you know your servers are well?

We will be following university guidelines for checking the health of our employees. Our staff are required to wear appropriate PPE.

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Do I have to wear a mask in the dining hall?

University guidelines regarding the wearing of face coverings will apply at our locations.

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Will you limit the number of people allowed in your locations?

Yes, to maintain proper social distancing standards we may limit the number of guests present in our facilities at any given time.

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How do I know my safety is a priority?

We will have floor safety managers who will be trained to identify safety issues and address them immediately.

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Since you are going to packaged and prepared foods, how can I maintain my medical dietary needs and food preferences?

When we resume service for the fall will be able to accommodate special diets and food preferences. Our customers with medical dietary needs and allergies are strongly encouraged to contact our dietitian to discuss the best available food options for their particular situation.

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How will you be dealing with students with food allergies if you are not customizing orders?

Orders place through GrubHub can be customized. Nutritional and allergen information for our menus is available through NetNutrition.

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How will students in quarantine housing be fed?

We will support students in quarantine housing and are working with university officials to develop protocols for this service.

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My student will be living off campus, but would like a meal plan. Can we buy one?

Yes, we have several meals plans available. They can be purchased online. We also accept CrimsonCard accounts and credit cards. You can learn more at the meal plans page.

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